Time to vote out Skip Wilson

Open Letter Dear Editor, There is an age old parable that states, “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on Me.” This phase epitomizes the decision now facing the citizens of Chapin. [...]

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It’s time to set higher standard for our politicians

By Billy Oswald South Carolina suffers from a case of low standards. Oh, I’m not talking about the people. South Carolinians are among the most decent, honest, hard-working people you’ll find anywhere. Rather, it’s our [...]

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Richland County stands with Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Open Letter Almost two years ago, Richland County experienced widespread devastation from flooding as is currently happening in Texas. Although Hurricane Harvey downgraded to a tropical storm, its fury is continuing. Rescue efforts are ongoing [...]

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Formidable challenges call for civil debate

Opinion   By Dan Eckstrom From a repulsive photo shoot depicting a “comedian” holding the president’s decapitated head, to a congressional candidate body-slamming a reporter and the belligerent behavior at town hall events [...]

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Celebrate safety this Labor Day

Open Letter   Labor Day is a celebrated by many Americans as the symbolic end of summer. With back to school and fall just around the corner, many families take advantage of this long summer [...]

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Open Letter   A Letter to the Editor: The greatest idiom ever published with regard to what ultimately happens to most all governmental entities is, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Never has this [...]

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Board should vote no on school property purchase

Open Letter Dear taxpayers of the LR5 school district, This letter goes out to all of you. It is important we urge our board of education to be good stewards of our tax money, provide the [...]

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District 5 board about on the verge of a bad decision

Even the smartest groups make bad decisions. The Bay of Pigs and the Challenger disasters were the products of very smart people making very bad decisions - because of the group itself. While these are [...]

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It’s time for a change in District 5

Every voter in district 5, especially the ones in Richland County, needs to read and heed Glenda Lindler’s letter in the June 22 issue. She describes the rude and monarchal behavior of Gantt at a [...]

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South Carolina in the national spotlight

By Richard Eckstrom S.C. Comptroller South Carolina has had a remarkable presence in the national spotlight lately: * For a few months, the national titles in three major college sports belonged to S.C. teams – [...]

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