Lexington Medical Center Community Outreach Ministries will be performing health screenings at Union United Methodist Church at 7582 Woodrow Street in Irmo September 18 from 7 – 10 am.

PEP, the senior citizen ministry at Union, is sponsoring this annual event and everyone from the church as well as the community 18 years and older is invited to come and be tested.


LMC will perform the following screenings free and mail results directly to the person tested:

Blood Pressure Assessment (check for hypertension)

Glucose (check for diabetes)

Lipid Profile – Total Cholesterol

LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

HDL (Good Cholesterol)



Cost Items: Thyroid Panel (cost of $32)

Vitamin D Evaluation (cost of $40)

Flu Shots (there will be a charge; this will be the strongest flu shot available)


Fasting is required for twelve (12) hours prior to blood work screening. No food should be taken after dinner the night before the tests. You may drink water only.

Please make an appointment for screenings outside the Fellowship Hall on Sundays or by calling the church office at 781-3013.