by George Bryan

Jim Williams, Jimmy Koosa, Tom Gwenski are PGA HOPE Certified golf professionals in our area. Williams is the Midlands area leader and what this organization focuses on is introducing, developing, and facilitating golf for military Veterans. According to Williams, The PGA Hope Program introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.

Elizabeth Godega is the rehabilitation therapist who is with the VA Hospital and the medical liaison. 

Cobblestone Park is hosting a golf clinic for about 25 Military Veterans this week that is a first of its kind. Jimmy Koosa is a Vietnam Veteran and longtime area golf professional has been instrumental in organizing this event; 

“Mr Koosa has been amazing and I could not have coordinated this event without him,” said Williams, assistant professional at Cobblestone Park. 

Between this event and another incredible golf event, staying tuned to Chronicle Sports is strongly suggested for my intentions are to learn more about the PGA HOPE Program then share, while spotlighting Steve Larick’s amazing repeat journey to the 2019 USGA Senior Open. The Golden Hills head professional once again qualified repeating last year‘s accomplishment and will compete in this year‘s event at the end of the month. Unwrapping Laricks secrets will be part of this writer’s objective and can’t wait to learn then pass this information along. Larick has the ability to shoot blazing low scores and apparently, he has learned to achieve this on demand. More next week.

The Warren Golf Course at Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana will host the championship June 27-30. 

The route to US Senior Open and almost all the PGA Tours Open Field events is through a one day qualifying. That’s right, sounds odd and maybe to some too easy, but this is a fact. In one great round, a person can find themselves in the Major Leagues of Golf. Think about the possibilities and get going. If you already play, you have an advantage and if you don’t, start now.

This is one reason I love the introductory competitive offering of the SCJGA. The Hootie and the Blowfish Summer Series offers new players in the game a competitive entry around one day competitions. Go to for more information.  Both Dustin Johnson and Wesley Bryan, both PGA Tour Players got their golf competitive starts in the Tri-County Chapter. Chase Butler is the director of this chapter and he has a similar demeanor as the founder Buddy Bostian. Bostian was magical when it came to mixing fun with competition and Butler has the same characteristics. 

A final note about the SCJGA Summer Series. For years it’s been my observation that experienced junior golfers tend to think they outgrow the chapter events and I think this is a huge mistake. Learning to play great in one round events seems fairly important at all levels. A two, three or four round events is simply two, three or four, one day events, played consecutively. 

Timberlake Country Club, will join Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission, Riverside Golf Center, and George Bryan Golf Academy with fitness expert Angie Duckworth, Ken Taylor, golf professionals Matt Barton, Jimmy Koosa, Chase Butler, George Bryan IV, Brad Frick, Jared Beard, and impact coach John Brock in presenting a brand new Youth and Family golf, fitness, with recreation programming, for a preview, visit 

George Bryan Golf Academy

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