Fifty-nine Lexington-Richland School District Five educators participated in a recent leadership program aimed at preparing teachers to lead professional development (PD) days at their schools this school year.

Currently in its sixth year, the #LeaD5 model was created to focus on developing teacher leaders and building capacity within School District Five. Honoring teachers’ professional growth needs each year, the program provides a platform for teachers to organize and lead their peers in targeted professional development. This year’s event was held July 15 – July 18.

“The feedback that we got from our facilitators is that they had great learning opportunities during the three days of training and especially loved the conference-style format for sessions we offered on the morning of day two,” said Sara Kearns, School District Five coordinator of academic assistance and professional development. “They had choice, just like our teachers do on #LeaD5 District PD Days, and they were able to focus on four sessions that piqued their interest.”

Michael Giuliano, School District Five chief instructional officer, added “Our hope is that teachers will leave the three days of professional development confident that they are ready to lead professional development beginning on August 19 officer. All of the strategies and resources they learn about are relevant to their current role in their school, as well as the leadership experience they will have as a PD Facilitator.”

To become a #LeaD5 PD Facilitator, School District Five teachers complete an application which are blind scored, with a rubric, by teams of Office of Instruction staff members. Any teacher in the district can apply. After applications are reviewed, facilitators are selected and then placed according to the session and their preference or expertise.

Dutch Fork High School teacher Ali Hendrick just became a facilitator this year and is excited about joining such a motivated, positive and inspiring group of teacher leaders.

“I became a facilitator to grow and push myself professionally but also to give back to a district that has given me so much. We are so fortunate to work in a district that values and supports teacher leadership and offers all teachers choice and an opportunity to learn from one of our best resources- our peers,” Hendrick said.

LeaD5 PD Facilitators receive continued training and sustained, ongoing support from the district’s Office of Instruction.

Giuliano added, “Ultimately, we want them to know that they are supported and we are confident that they will be successful. School District Five has an amazing group of teachers as #LeaD5 PD Facilitators and we are excited to see their impact in the classroom and on fellow teachers!”

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