Democratic Debates

A Letter to the Editor:

   The two Democrat debates of last week  told all of us what they have in mind for America and its/our future.  To begin with, all 20 candidates want to eliminate the Electoral College. This concept was put in our constitution so that a few large states could not preclude the needs and desires of the many small states populations.  Just think, had our founding fathers not included this provision, guess what!  Abraham Lincoln would NOT have been elected President.  He lost the total vote but won the Electoral College vote.

   As a overview of the two day debates, all 20 of the candidates fell in either of two categories.  One group, led by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren demand that all Americans be enrolled in “Medicare For All”.  This means that All Americans must rely on Washington bureaucrats to decide just what medical care each of us receives and how much the government will spend on each of us.   This is, pure and simple, Socialized Medicine.  I’ve worked in two countries that practice this form of “Health Care”, England and Canada.  The public perception can best be summed up by an Englishman in London.  He  had an 82 year old uncle who desperately  needed a hip replacement.  He’d been waiting for 14 months for his operation but it was subject to one delay after another.  The Engishman said to me, “They’re just bloody well waiting for him to die”.

   This form of Health Care is epitomized  by  the term, Single Payer System”.  The U.S. started using this system for all veterans with medical problems in 1947.  The” VA” has been a total health care disaster for the last 73 years.  Note, President Trump is now working to finally fix it by firing incompetent people, rather than just moving them to another hospital.

   As an overview, all 20 Presidential canadates want to subject all Americans to various forms of Bureactic Federal Government Control. The includes a total remake of how the following activities function- Education, Gun Control, Student Loans, Climate Change and on and on, Adnauseum.  Add to this political debasing of American Government as we know it today.

   One highlight of the debate was when NBC’s Savannah Guthrie said to Ms. Warren, “When 71% of Americans say the economy is doing well including 60% of Democrats, what do you say to those  who worry that this kind of significant change could be risky to our economy”?  Ms. Warren could not answer.  Why could she not answer, because each of this 20 Democrats proposals have been tried before in countries all over  the world and in every case, they are abject  failures in actual practice.

Don Carlson


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