On August 27, while in the bus pickup line around 4 pm, a Beechwood Middle student overheard another student say something about a bomb in his bookbag.

After arriving home, the student reported the conversation to a parent who immediately called the Lexington County School District One’s Safety and Emergency Services Office. That office notified school administrators and the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department about the conversation.

Lexington County Sheriff Deputies interviewed the student and determined he did not have any explosive devices in his possession.

“Lexington County School District One administration notified us about the threat after the classmate’s guardian reported the incident,” Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon said. “We responded immediately to the student’s residence for further investigation.”

The student is charged with making threats to a school.

Acting in accordance with Board Policy and school district procedure, administrators filed an incident report with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, contacted the 12-year-old student’s parent/guardian and suspended the student while he waits for an expulsion hearing with the district’s hearing officer. Because of the suspension, the student is not allowed on any Lexington District One property or at any events. This is standard operating procedure.

The district has a district-wide Tip Line accessible online, by telephone or by email, for students, their parents or staff to report school safety concerns. They can submit a report by calling 803-636-8317 and leaving a message; by texting details of their concern to 803-636-8317; or by emailing details of their concern to [email protected].