by Edward.M.”JIB” Colie IIIAn official approach to electric vehicles: The state of California has actually put regulations in place that will ban vehicles with combustion engines by the year 2035. There will be exemptions for hybrid and plug-in hydrids but that is all. Personally speaking I hope that this actContinue Reading

By: Edward M.”JIB” Colie III Electric cars and a 2-way charge. The Ford F-150 pickup has a unique feature as far as EV’s go. This is the fact that it’s charging system can go 2 ways. First it charges the vehicle’s battery and second there is an inverter that convertsContinue Reading

By Sarah Ostergaard CRT, SEL, DEI, oh my. Is CRT in our schools? Yes, if you define the acronym CRT to mean Culturally Responsive Teaching.  There seems a misunderstanding that CRT is SEL, and vice versa, that DEI excludes people, and none of it belongs in OUR (not an acronym)Continue Reading

by Matt Belyus Thank you for checking out the Valet Tech corner. We will be writing tech articles without all the tech jargon so you can better understand the technology and how it can benefit you. We wrote an article on various anti-virus software packages, but it didn’t do justiceContinue Reading

By: Edward M. “JIB” Colie III So you’ve decided you would like to get an electric car. First thing you need to decide is how you intend to use it. A: Will you plan to use it for around-town errands and commuting? If it is around town, hauling your childrenContinue Reading

By: Edward M “JIB”Colie III Hi there, I’m a new columnist on this beat, but you may recognize my name if you’ve ever read the Lake Murray News.  My “Inland Sea” Column has been a featured column since 1986.  For the past 8 years, I have been driving around theContinue Reading

Akil E. Ross, Sr, Ed.D.Superintendent I am honored to be named superintendent of School District Five of Lexington and RichlandCounties. The tradition of excellence of the schools is a direct reflection of the amazing supportour community provides to the schools. As a result, I intend to use this platform toContinue Reading

Another great weekend on the Inland Sea, keep the distance and enjoy it. Ok, the COVID19 case count is coming down so please don’t forget to mask up. Coming Events on the Inland Sea 2020 Fall Series LMYRA Races. Sept 11 – fall series skippers’ meeting Lake Murray Sailing Club Aug 22,Continue Reading