Elvis Is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself is a nostalgic account of Lewis Grizzard’s efforts to survive in a changing world. However, I do not think Grizzard could have ever anticipated the changes of this current world in which we are forced to live. And, I don’t feelContinue Reading

We make a significant investment in our children through the public school systems. We expect the educational standards to be high, but we also expect for the philosophical standards to represent the highest form of American values. Among those values are “color-blindness,” “equality,” and “merit”: values that exemplify the DeclarationContinue Reading

It is truly disappointing that 3 former Superintendents and 2 former Board Chairmen from Richland/Lexington School District 5, that I thought really cared about our District, would lodge a complaint based on inaccurate information. And, then send it to the State paper before Dr. Ross even had an opportunity to seeContinue Reading

Open Letter I am writing to you as a frustrated educator, parent, taxpayer, and voter. Several months ago, I reached out with concerns regarding what was happening in Richland-Lexington School District 5. At that time, I said I felt that without corrections, we would lose our superintendent Dr. Christina Melton.Continue Reading

Open Letter The June 12 District Five board meeting began with a trustee’s reprimand of the Director of Communications for not sufficiently celebrating our new superintendent. Trustee Ken Loveless expressed disapproval that, “there was very little recognition on the district website and next to no fanfare in the community and theContinue Reading

Open Letter As Chair of the Lexington/Richland District 5 School Board, I want to assure our community that District 5 is moving forward. We will be concentrating on the well-being of all our students. We will seek, and encourage, teacher input as we set our goals and vision for theContinue Reading

Lexington County has deteriorated thanks to so many subdivisions thrown up too quickly without rhyme or reason. We don’t have enough emergency services to handle the explosion, and roads cannot provide delivery of those we have. First responders cannot get through. Without side roads, and with the nature of lakeContinue Reading