The Inland Sea By: Edward M. “Jib” Colie III

Damn – another drowning.

Once again another life was lost on waters in South Carolina.

What is the problem sailors, boaters and fishermen?

Wearing a life vest should not detract from your ego.

#1 when you are on or near the water put that life vest – or as it officially known, “PFD” (meaning personal flotation device) – on.

#2 all it takes is one slip and fall and a minor impact to the head in the process and if no one notices its all over.

#3- Even the best swimmer is in danger if he or she is unconscious or injured…



Planning – a capsize recovery class at LMSC

The sailors at the Lake Murray Sailing Club are great at coming up with classes and seminars that make sense and are worth participating in.

This past weekend it was a tutorial on sailboat capsize recovery.

Now in the sense of planning for the worst and hoping for the best this was a great event for every small boat sailor.

Having sailed small sailboats that rely on a centerboard or daggerboard I took one of these seminars about 35 years ago and that time when a friend, the late Kemble Oliver, and I were sailing, got hit by a 50 mile per hour gust on the edge of a storm that hit so quickly and we found ourselves in the water and the boat on its side.

Fortunately I had rehearsed this worse case scenario and we were able to right the boat open the bailers and sail it dry.

What could have been a disaster was merely an uncomfortable experience thanks to practicing.

Another think about it and plan for the future.


Coming events on the Inland Sea

The Lake Murray Sailing Club

Rodesiler series racing

August 12 at 4 pm

August 26 at 4 pm

Scots on the Rocks Regatta September 2. for more info please contact LMSC at


Columbia Sailing Club

Thursday evening dinghy races


LMYRA – the Lake Murray Yacht Racing Association

The summer events are over. Final results of the series are posted below.

August 25 at 6 pm LMYRA Fall Skippers’ Meeting and awards ceremony.


And as always I ask that you please think safety whether boating, fishing, sailing or trailing.

Just bought a new boat? Do you know the rules on the requirements and classes of PFDs?Safe boating classes are offered by the Lake Murray Power Squadron. Take a look at the classes offered on their website –

And last but not least all boaters and those who enjoy the waters of Lake Murray should consider joining and supporting the Lake Murray Association. The Lake Murray Association is a 501, c-3 foundation.

As part of its mission it is the only organization that monitors water quality and works to maintain the quality of life on Lake Murray. on and near the waters of my favorite Inland Sea.

Until next week

– fair winds