Chapin Mayor’s Message


As an elected official, I take the civic duty of our citizens very seriously. It is both an honor and a privilege to be able to vote in this country. The beginning of November marked one year since I have been voted in the Mayor’s office. I have learned a lot along the way and I am grateful to be able to serve the Chapin community.
One of the most well-publicized races in our area this election period was that of the Lexington – Richland School District 5 School Board. I was thrilled to see that Chapin will be well represented with three newly elected school board members from the Greater Chapin community. Congratulations to Greater Chapin community residents Jan Hammond, Ken Loveless and Nikki Gardner on their victory.

Throughout the day on November 6, we witnessed hundreds of voters visit Town Hall. I want to thank all those that ran for election as well as all the community citizens that voted. I completely agree with Louis D. Brandeis when he said, “the most important political office is that of the private citizen.” I look forward to working with all of the newly elected officials for several years to come.

A very special thanks to Ken Loveless for his years of service to the Chapin community. Due to his election to the school board, he will have to resign from his position as the Chairman of the Town’s Architectural Review Board. During his tenure as Chairman, he was instrumental in setting standards for development in the Town of Chapin. Although we hate to see him leave the position, we appreciate his ongoing commitment to our area. If anyone is interested in applying for a position within the Architectural Review Board, please contact Town Clerk, Julie Hammond.

Have a safe and enjoyable week.
Best regards,
Mayor David Knight

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