District Five announces science and engineering fair winners

More than 150 students from Lexington-Richland School District Five competed in this year’s elementary, intermediate and middle level science and engineering fair February 9 at Dutch Fork High School.

To qualify for participation in the district science fair, students must first place at their school based fairs.

“Each year, it is amazing to see the community come together to support the incredible students in our district,” School District Five Coordinator of Science, Health and PE Beth Boland said. “It is truly the cooperative effort between teachers, parents, district staff, and community members that makes the event such a success. Special thanks to the University of South Carolina for sending so many teams of judges. We are looking forward to watching our scientists grow, and eagerly await the results of the USC Regional Competition.”

The high school science and engineering fair will be held this Saturday February 23, at Dutch Fork High School.

The following is a list of the 2019 School District Five elementary, intermediate and middle school science fair winners:



1st Place: Hunter Taylor, Harbison West Elementary (Are You Feeling Greywater?)

2nd Place: David Hardaway-Frazier, Brayden Andrews and Alivia Ngo, Dutch Fork Elementary (The Last Straw)

Life Science

1st Place: Maddy Casteel, Oak Pointe Elementary (How Do Cats React to Sound?)

2nd Place: Jamarria Brown, London Harper and Kaidance Taylor, Dutch Fork Elementary (Effects of Fertilizers on Radish Seeds)

3rd Place: Amelia Price, Ballentine Elementary (Not On My Sandwich)

Honorable Mention: Cassidy Huey, Nursery Road Elementary (Wait. Don’t Touch That Cart.)

Math Engineering

1st Place: Owen Rimbo, Irmo Elementary (Slingshot.)

2nd Place: Zachary McCullough, Irmo Elementary (Soccer Brand Showdown)

Physical Science – Chemistry

1st Place: Aarush Kartik, Irmo Elementary (Glowstick Magic)

2nd Place: Landon Williams, River Springs Elementary (Glowing Detectives)

3rd Place: Sofia Andrews, Gabby Simmons and Jake Bogan, Dutch Fork Elementary (How to Save You and Your Fruit)

Physical Science – Physics

1st Place: Emery Dupre, Harbison West Elementary (Are Our Bridges Safe?)

2nd Place: Brayden Nanna, Oak Pointe Elementary (Arrow Flights)

3rd Place: Nitya Cherukumalli and Laeken Cohee, Leaphart Elementary (Energy)

Honorable Mention: Morgan Farrow and Connor Couch, Ballentine Elementary (Ice)



1st Place: Joy Hardie, Dutch Fork Middle (Electrical Mud)

2nd Place: Charles Newhouse, Chapin Middle (Creating Reusable Energy)

Life Science

1st Place: Lauren Pierce, Dutch Fork Middle (Finding the Sweet Spot.)

2nd Place: Aamina Azhar, CrossRoads Intermediate (Cell Fate Determination in Dictyostelium)

3rd Place: Shaina Dashiell, Chapin Intermediate (The Honey Cure)

Honorable Mention: Ella Carson, Chapin Intermediate (Sea Monkey Survivors)


1st Place: Ian Johns, Dutch Fork Middle (The Great Boat Float)

2nd Place: Lucas Von Ahn, Chapin Intermediate (Sticky Situation)

3rd Place: Thomas Taylor, Irmo Middle School (How Wing Shape Affects Planes)

Physical Science – Chemistry

1st Place: Preston Kunkle, Chapin Intermediate School (Temperatures Affecting Viscosity)

2nd Place: John Lizewski, CrossRoads Intermediate (Which Glue Is For You?)

3rd Place: Daniel Skinner, Irmo Middle School (How Does Caffeine Affect the Human Body?)

Physical Science – Physics

1st Place: Noah Eaves and Leo Sun, Chapin Intermediate (Movin’ On Up)

2nd Place: Emily McMahan, Dutch Fork Middle (Weak WiFi?)

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