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Letter to the Editor: Don Carlson

I feel like I’m on a somewhat literary vacation. How You Ask! In the last weeks Lake Murray News Ms. Miriam Johnson, PhD, MSW, MS and presumably BS, gave us a litany of reasons as to why she did or did not hate President Trump. In her four column bombastic diatribe critiquing reasons as to why she didn’t hate Trump and then why she did hate Trump. In the
“I don’t hate him” category, she listed 7 basic categories. In these 7 categories, she lists 24 separate reasons for not hating Trump. However, in each of the 7 categories, she gave 24 separate reasons for her “Non-Hating” Trump but each one spelled out why everyone should hate him. Including causes like, “His contempt for Freedom of the Press, calling Journalists enemy of the people?.

A classic case of this was the initial support of Jessie Smollett and his “lynching” in Chicago. You see, Lib/Dems are desperate to find new “Victims”, not alleged. In any event, everyone should hate Trump. Then, Miss Johnson proceeds to give 9 categories as to why she does hate Trump. These include things like creating myths about “Violent Brown-Skinned Hordes, flooding across our southern borders. She also “hates Trumps core followers whose cult-like loyalty allow them to ignore or excuse or even clarify his countless faults”.

However, she totally fails to tell us we all should hate President Trump for the lowest unemployment rate in the last 35 years. More new jobs created in 2 years than Obama created in 8 years. And, as frosting on the cake, real hourly wages are rising after 20 year of stagnation. Do you hate President Trump for these accomplishments!

As the Lib/Dem agenda is starting to immerge, can you think of a single Dem proposal that will improve the life of all Americans? Answer- “You Can’t”, that way in order to win in 2020 Lib/Dems must convince us that we are all Trump victims.

Don Carlson

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