by George Bryan

We are in the heart of our golf season. The golf courses are in great shape, early sunrises partner with late sunsets allowing us to make great golf gains with our games. Seeing people improve in golf is fascinating and love sharing ideas on sound ways to get this done. Last week I was in a conversation with former Newberry College Wrestling coach Jason Valek and we were talking about techniques he once employed to train his students; “starting at the end and learning backwards, slowly. Show them the end result and train them on the steps, backwards.” 

My first fundamental teacher, Dick Averitte, had me hold my follow-through and told me to only swing slow or half speed to practice this balanced ending. I can’t remember one golf lesson when I had gotten off track where he did not ask me to hit a 7 iron half speed with a half swing. 

Larry Bosewell was my first playing coach, taught me from the hole back to the tee. He said, “learn first to get the ball in the hole from close, develop putting skill then chipping, pitching, and full swing, in that order.” 

It just so happened I ran into a couple of good students who are black belt in karate and teachers. Robert Lemmon, who has black belts in seven different disciplines said this about learning Karate; “ I learned each new skill slow, and taught new skill slowly first.”

Connor Cox who is a black belt and Marshal Arts instructor for Vitaly Family Karate, said, “we start slowly with every different skill level when learning new movements.”

Neither Cox, Lemmon, or Valek ever taught a new skill at game speed. One of the biggest mistakes I see golfers make when attempting to learn is swinging at full speed trying to incorporate a brand new move.

Speaking of new, Grow Golf Now, A brand new entity is offering brand new programming in Chapin. One Is A family golf learning program beginning August 19. The other is a Junior Academy and will begin September 7 at Timberlake Country Club. 

Go to for more information and speaking of Timberlake, Mike Author, PGA Member is the new head professional at the only golf course on Lake Murray. Will learn more about Mike next week.

The PGA Junior League had its sectional qualifier at Columbia Country Club August 5. Teams from all around South Carolina came to Columbia to compete in a one-day qualifier with one team advancing to the Section Championship at Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club in Southern Pines North Carolina. Congratulations to the Midland PGA Junior League Team who shot a team total of 12 under par to win by one shot. The team consist of Caroline Hawkins, Landry Williams, Brady Senn, Nolan Palmer, Duece Nimmo, Teddy Dunn, Caleb Crowley, Alston Brooks, Grant Paolucci, Oliver Kelly.

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