By: Edward M. “JIB” Collie 3rd

Another great weekend on the Inland Sea, keep the distance and enjoy it. Ok, the COVID19 case count is coming down so please don’t forget to mask up.

Coming Events on the Inland Sea

2020 Fall Series LMYRA Races.

Sept 11 – fall series skippers’ meeting

Lake Murray Sailing Club

Aug 22, 4 pm – Rodesiler

Aug 23, 9 am – sailing for fun

Aug 26, 4 pm – MC Sailing

Aug 30, 3:30 pm – MC Racing

Sept 2, 1 pm – MC Sailing

Sept 5-6 – Scots on rocks cancelled

Sept 9, 1 pm – MC Sailing

Once again the Rodesiler is still racing with fleets averaging 9 boats after 12 races. The top five places are:

1st Tom Berens, MC Scow

2nd Bud Buckwell, MC Scow

3rd Chris Bowman, MC Scow

4th Ryan Gaskin, Flying Scot

5th Tommy Weaver, Flying Scot

 As I always do I ask all boaters, sailors and fishermen to think safety when you are sailing, fishing and trailing.

 Until next week I hope to see you on the water.