Letter to the Editor: Don Carlson I feel like I’m on a somewhat literary vacation. How You Ask! In the last weeks Lake Murray News Ms. Miriam Johnson, PhD, MSW, MS and presumably BS, gave us a litany of reasons as to why she did or did not hate PresidentContinue Reading

Letter to the Editor: by Don Carlson People, who as a society ignore the dubious machinations of purported leaders inevitably bring their governments to inevitable destruction.  In the recent past, we’ve witnessed these societal disasters, culminating in the killing of millions of their own citizens.  All of these tragedies began withContinue Reading

Open Letter   In the November 1, 2018 edition of the Lake Murray News, Paul DuPre wrote the following; “They (critics of the former District 5 Board) shriek about financial mismanagement after scrutinizing D5 finances, they have never found a penny out of place, not even a penny.” The firstContinue Reading

A respected former School District 5 Superintendent once stunned our community by describing the atmosphere created by some disgruntled citizens as a witch hunt. He was right. The recent misleading letter by Don Carlson indicates the witch hunt continues. Carlson claims D5 “understate(s) revenue…and overstate(s) cost.” Allegations of cooking theContinue Reading