It’s not just uncomfortable outside – it’s dangerous. We haven’t reached the hottest days of the season, and there is already a very real threat of serious illness and/or death related to the heat and humidity. There are several factors that can make an individual more susceptible to heat-related issues.Continue Reading

Lexington County narcotics agents seized a large quantity of meth, marijuana from a married couple after executing a search warrant at a Leesville home last week. Nicholas Rattray, 34, and Kaitlin Rattray, 25, were arrested on multiple charges at the house November 28, according to warrants. Nicholas Rattray is charged withContinue Reading

Town of Lexington Chief Terrence Green has announced the arrest of David Dale Becker, age 39 of West Columbia. He who was charged with Indecent Exposure for an incident that occurred in the Lexington Pavilion parking lot which is located at the 5100 block of Sunset Boulevard. On November 24Continue Reading

Town of Lexington Police Chief Terrence Green has announced the arrest of Jesse Wayne Richards, Age 31 of Lexington, who fled the state after his involvement in an attempted armed robbery that took place on July 10 in Lexington. On the afternoon of the incident, Jesse Richards drove a co-defendant,Continue Reading

Town of Lexington Chief Terrence Green announced the arrest of John William Rivenbark Jr., age 46 of West Columbia for an incident at the Tractor Supply Company located at 5589 Sunset Boulevard in Lexington. On December 3 around 10:10 pm, officers were dispatched to an alarm at the Tractor SupplyContinue Reading

A motorcycle driver accused of firing shots at a moving car while driving on Interstate 26 was arrested December 4. Anthony Lawrence Fanning, 36, is charged with six counts of attempted murder, discharging a weapon into a vehicle and possessing a weapon during a violent crime, according to arrest warrants.Continue Reading

An armed robbery in the Martin’s Grove neighborhood led detectives to a follow up investigation resulting in narcotics distribution, drug paraphernalia and stolen firearm charges. November 5 around 11:10 pm, Mark Dilyn Coker Vice, age 25 of Kingstree, and Brandon Alexander Rodighiero, age 26 of Columbia, went to a residenceContinue Reading