BARNHARDT: Ready to serve the citizens of District Five

When I entered the race for Lexington Five School Board in August, I was prepared to run because I knew about the main issues on which parents have put their focus. As a mom of three children in the Irmo cluster and a business owner with my husband Bobby, we have been active in the issues facing the kids of this district over the past couple of years and understand what everyday people view as the issues of the day.

As a result of being involved in so many events and knocking on so many doors, I feel stronger than ever that my campaign is fixated on the issues that are at the forefront. The fortunate thing is through forging relationships, I have gained knowledge of the important issues the general public doesn’t currently have as top of mind.

We must confront and root out racially charged Critical Race Theory (it does exist in all schools), inappropriate materials in schools and public health mandates while protecting taxpayers. As a biracial woman, I can assure you that I am not a “white nationalist” or whatever terms some radicals have thrown at me. I don’t believe racist teaching should come from any political point of view. 

We must protect taxpayers and teachers by keeping property taxes low and ensuring we are fiscally responsible on construction and all issues. It is also necessary to continue any audits and investigations into the past in order to move forward to an honest and transparent future. We must take the many good things from our district and improve on those while expanding our agenda to tackle the severe issues facing us in 2022.

While some of my competitors have been endorsed by education unions – the very unions who have fought for never-ending school shutdowns – I take it as a badge of honor that I have been endorsed by the warriors in the opposite direction.

State House nominee Jay Kilmartin, Lexington County State Reps. RJ May and Ryan McCabe have been leading the way on taking on Critical Race Theory, Pornographic material in schools, gender ideology and a whole host of issues. May and McCabe are the two most conservative members of the state house according to the American Conservative Union. I’ve gained their endorsement.

The two County Council members who represent the communities within Lexington County’s portion of District Five, Beth Carrigg and Charli Wessinger, have thrown their support my way. They have been stalwarts on responsible development in Chapin and Irmo and have stopped the tide of property tax hikes over the past few years.

Moms for Liberty of Lexington County has been a steadfast supporter of our campaign. Moms for Liberty is dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government. Parents are the primary stakeholders of our children and I am grateful to have the support of such a national force.

Stand for Health Freedom is dedicated to protecting informed consent in medical care for individuals and families by helping Americans protect their fundamental rights by engaging in the political process. Families need to be involved in their own health choices and I am one of only six school board candidates in South Carolina to receive their support.

Some of my detractors have suggested that the endorsements from these leaders are just “overly-political” for a school board race. As a political novice, I am grateful that these accomplished leaders with results to back it up are backing me. The relationships I have forged put me on the path to actually being ready on Day One. It is not just a talking point. I am ready to work with the school board without forgoing my principles.

We could have chosen to take our kids out of public schools. We could have moved on to a private school or homeschooled. I want to make a difference for staff, students, parents and taxpayers. That is why I want to serve you. I humbly ask for your vote on November 8th.

Elizabeth Barnhardt

Candidate for District 5 School Board in Lexington County