BCC holding free pilates event

The Ballentine Community Center will be hosting a free pilates event on January 6 from 10 – 11 am.

Classical Pilates is a workout for the mind and body.

Emphasis is on control, centering, concentration, precision and flow, unlocking the breath and strengthening the powerhouse for greater overall health and well-being.

Pilates refines body awareness, improves nervous system functions, and addresses common concerns like back pain, exhaustion, decreased mobility, stress, and anxiety.

At this event, participants will be encouraged to work at their own ideal pace with thoughtful consideration of where they need more strength, stretch, balance and control. This event uniquely suits people who want to connect deeper with their bodies and build a fitness foundation.

The instructor is a Peak Pilates certified instructor with an interest in the mind-body connection. She believes Pilates is about exploring and strengthening the connections that make the human body so efficient and unique and encourages students to get curious about how they move.

The Ballentine Community Center is at 1053 Bird Road. Call Charlene at 781-2031 to register.