Chapin softball goes to lower state finals

By CT McDonald

Chapin was the last District Five softball team left standing in the state semifinals tournament, and the Lady Eagles took it all the way to the lower state championship game before bowing out for the season.

After defeating St. James in the first game of the lower state tournament, and then losing against Summerville last week in their second game, it came down to another game with the St. James Sharks to determine which team would advance to the lower state championship against Summerville’s Green Wave.

Chapin won that elimination game against St. James by a run (3-2) last week, and with that the Eagles advanced to the title game against Summerville.

Playing in the losers bracket at that point, the Eagles needed to win two games against Summerville to advance to the state finals tournament, while the Green Wave, playing in the winners bracket, needed to win just one.

And they did. Summerville defeated Chapin 9-2 Friday to end the Eagles season just short of the state finals.

All other District Five spring sports teams other than track and field had already completed their 2022-2023 seasons.

Summer sports just ahead.

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