District Five JROTC cadet earns top rank during summer training

Dutch Fork High School senior Eva Raye was selected as the top cadet at the JROTC summer Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) at The Citadel.

Raye was selected as Wing Commander for 330 cadets during the training, the highest level of responsibility that a cadet can obtain during their JROTC career. She led a staff of leaders toward a goal to teach the principles of teamwork, leadership, and effective communication to CLC cadet attendees.

“I felt empowered by the role of Wing Commander and it truly made me understand that I am capable of anything I want in life,” Raye said. “I desired the position from the moment I heard about CLC. The preparation and leadership roles I had prior helped me feel confident in my abilities going into this high position. As I progressed throughout the week, I learned the importance of understanding my role as the number one cadet in charge, but also delegating power amongst my top staff. This opportunity changed the way I view managing a team, because it is more than just telling people what to do; it is about building a personal relationship and trust with the people you are working with.”

Raye has been participating in JROTC since her freshman year of high school and joined because she wanted to be challenged, “I joined JROTC because I saw it as a great opportunity to learn more about the military and develop as a leader. This class has made me a better person because of the challenges it has given me. For example, I have the opportunity to interact and lead with different age groups, genders, and personalities. The improvement in my public speaking skills and ability to coordinate and communicate with adults is something that I can attribute to JROTC. The opportunities provided to me through this program are one of a kind,” Raye said.

Dutch Fork High School JROTC Instructor Major Reginald Slade said, “Eva displayed a herculean effort by dedicating over 300 hours before and after school to lead CLC preparation training for 28 Dutch Fork High School cadets. Her leadership resulted in our cadets receiving numerous awards this summer.”

Eva Raye: Wing Commander (330 Cadets), Fastest Female Cadre 1 Mile Run
Kenneth Johnson: Operations Group Commander (265 Cadets)
Camden Smith: Adjutant (Lead Ceremonial Duty for Parade
Tyra Morgan: Echo Flight Commander (22 Cadets)
Christian Smith: Hotel Flight Commander (22 Cadets)
Byron Haltiwanger: Flag Detail Commander (Handpicked), Fastest Male Cadre 1 Mile Run
Evelyn Perkins: Left Rifle Guard (Handpicked)
Favian Gutierrez: Second Place Drill, Top Cadet Squadron A (#1 of 132 Cadets)

After graduation Raye plans to attend the Air Force Academy, become a pilot, an officer in the Air Force, and travel the world.

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