Friday Morning Brew Jan 6

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What do they have in common? Cybersecurity is like the offensive linemen protecting the quarterback. They protect him play after play and do not get any recognition, but if they let one defender get past them, they are very much recognized, and the entire team pays the price. It may be a loss of a few yards or a complete loss of possession. In cybersecurity, it is very much the same. A breach may result in some insignificant loss of information, or it may result in a complete permanent shutdown of the company.

A quick reference to Sun Tzu “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” In football, you study your opponents to know them, and with practice, you know yourself. In cybersecurity, we (Valet Technologies) study the thieves and know the tools available to stop them. One significant difference is that football tactics may change a few times in sixty minutes; in cybersecurity, the tactics may change more than sixty times in a minute. Thieves deploy artificial intelligence (AI) in attacks, which allows the tactics to be modified quickly. They explore all the known vulnerabilities in just seconds and expand from there.

A good football defense will have multiple players defending the quarterback. A good cybersecurity defense will have multiple levels of security and most likely have software from different vendors as well. Why? If the software is from the same company, their products will most likely have the same vulnerability. It is common for Valet Technologies to change the software for our cybersecurity during the year. We want to ensure we use the best options to protect our partners.

You may be thinking we have anti-virus on our computers. Standard anti-virus stops only 20% of the attacks directed at your computers. This would be like your center trying to stop the entire defensive line. He may stop one person, but the rest of the defensive line is unchecked.

Football is a great game, but cybersecurity is not a game.

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