Lexington County Woman Convicted of Murder and Armed Robbery; Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison

Morgan Dayle Carr, age 31, was convicted last week Friday, April 28, 2023, by a Lexington County jury for her role in the 2018 Murder and Armed Robbery of Robert William All, Jr., age 22. Chief Administrative Judge Walton J. McLeod, IV, presided over the week-long trial and sentenced Carr to forty (40) years in prison for the murder and thirty (30) years for the armed robbery to be served concurrently. Carr will not be eligible for parole. In March of 2019, Charlie Don Robinson, III, received a forty (40) year sentence following his guilty plea to Murder.

On July 11, 2018, Morgan Carr along with Charlie Robinson and another codefendant stole a 2018 Nissan Altima from the victim, Robert All, Jr., after murdering him. The vehicle was a rental car borrowed from a friend. At the time of the shooting, Carr and Robinson were dating. Carr and Robert were previously in a relationship. Robert and Robinson were acquaintances because of Carr. On the day of the shooting, Carr invited Robert over to her house. When Robert was about to leave, Robinson asked Robert for a ride. They eventually ended up on Toole Smith Road in the Swansea area of Lexington County. Robinson ordered Robert out of the car at gunpoint after striking him in the head while making demands for the car. Robert along with Robinson exited the vehicle and Robinson then shot Robert in the back. He subsequently shot Robert three additional times with the fatal gunshot wound striking Robert in the back of the head. Due to Robert’s injuries and blood, his face was unrecognizable and he did not have any identification on him. His body was identified by his tattoos.

During the trial, the evidence and testimony revealed that Carr set this all up. Carr, Robinson, and a third codefendant drove to Toole Smith Road that night to retrieve a van that belonged to Carr’s mother. This van was previously traded for drugs and the drug dealer was not going to return the van because the debt was not paid up yet. The evidence and testimony revealed that the group were planning to steal the car from Robert to exchange it for the van.

The evidence revealed that Carr told Robinson that Robert still had the key fob for the vehicle. Residents that heard the gunshots, testified that they saw more than one person out of the car moving in front of the headlights of the vehicle. Robert’s body was turned over and Robinson went through Robert’s pockets removing the key fob to the vehicle. Robert’s wallet and cell phone were not located on him.

During the trial, a witness testified that the day before the shooting, Carr and Robinson were overheard discussing stealing the vehicle. Carr was heard telling Robinson that she wanted to see Robert hurt as she injected Robinson with a mixture of drugs during this conversation. Text messages sent by Carr were introduced that revealed her efforts and intent to steal from Robert. Her multiple statements lying to the police were introduced as well. Carr initially told the police she was home and did not know what happened. During a search of Carr’s residence, the stolen driver’s license belonging to Robert was found faced down in a tool chest.

Prosecutors argued to the jury that Robinson may have pulled the trigger that night, but that Carr pulled the trigger first when she set this plan in motion. Prosecutors further argued that Robert’s death was a robbery gone bad or that Robinson did exactly what Carr wanted him to do.

Senior Assistant Solicitor Sutania A. Fuller, Senior Assistant Solicitor Robby McNair, and Assistant Solicitor Dante Esposito handled the trial of this case. The investigation was conducted by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.


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