New Lexington County GOP leadership handed the reins

The newly elected Lexington County Republican Party leadership and Executive Committee convened for their first county party meeting since being asked to lead by convention delegates at the May 1 meeting and provided a change of direction from the past couple of years.

“It was such great energy in this meeting,” newly elected Chairwoman Pamela Godwin said.

“We have definitely changed the tone to include hearing all voices and addressing issues that conservatives really care about.”

The county GOP meeting, which takes place on the first Monday of every month, included the swearing in of the Executive Committee representing the precincts of the county.

Two resolutions were passed by the body. One resolution was passed supporting medical freedom. The resolution opposing mandatory vaccinations in all circumstances had been blocked by the ousted leadership of the county party for nearly a year and a half.

The biggest announcement of the night was the party announcing an endorsement committee for nonpartisan races in the county.

Photo: Chairwoman Pamela Godwin presides over a meeting of the Greater Lexington Chamber.

“We have heard you and we are taking action on day one,” Godwin said. “Every citizen needs to know where candidates stand in every election. Democrats and leftists gain control of nonpartisan governments and the people aren’t sufficiently aware of that. Our local governments pass policies that are opposed to our republican platform and we will do our best to alert the public. Any resources we can give for the right candidates will be on the table.”

A second resolution was passed to support state delegate-elect Angus Godwin to be seated at the State Republican Party Convention May 20. Godwin was elected as the 18th-placed State Delegate out of 51. West Columbia City Councilman Mike Green was elected as the 25th Alternate Delegate to replace any absent delegates. The two have been entangled in a legal dispute which precludes them from being at the same location. Green has been accused of delaying proceedings on the case for political purposes. The GOP body expressed support for seating Godwin by a large margin.

The floor was also opened for discussion on the special election for the May 2 Lexington City Council special election. All speakers expressed their opposition to the presumed frontrunner in the race, Gavin Smith and had differing opinions on an alternative candidate.
The next county party meeting will take place on June 5 at the Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce. Guests are encouraged to attend and get involved.

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