Support for the Capital Projects Sales Tax

To the Editor:

Though not a Lexington County native, I have lived here for 58 years. I feel fortunate to have chosen this place as my home.

Excellent schools, medical facilities, businesses, and cultural amenities abound throughout the County. The people here are hard-working, honest, entrepreneurial, and dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of all its citizens.

However, because of these qualities, population growth has accelerated rapidly, placing severe demands on our infrastructure.

Highway transportation has become the greatest and most expensive of the challenges we are facing. Lexington County has recognized the inadequacies of our road system, and has proposed a Capital Projects Sales Tax (CPST) on the November 8th ballot as a major first step to address this issue.

I support this initiative because we cannot continue to ignore a problem that is only going to worsen. We owe it to our citizens and future generations to initiate solutions now.

The method that Lexington County Council is proposing provides funding only for road projects, and follows a proven recipe of success. Several other South Carolina counties have utilized a similar process with good results.

Thank you,

Robert Ferrell

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