Turning Pages, Richland Library join forces

Turning Pages SC, an adult literacy nonprofit, and Richland Library have joined forces in a partnership aimed at improving literacy in the community.

This collaboration supports Turning Pages tutors and adult learners, providing free and accessible learning experiences in a supportive environment.

Turning Pages SC provides more than 50 free hours annually of reading tutoring services and comprehensive curriculum to any adult who reads below a 9th grade level. Through personalized one-on-one tutoring, Turning Pages SC empowers adults to enhance their reading skills, gain confidence, and achieve their goals.

“Our trained volunteer tutors meet one-on-one with their learners one hour each week. So, they need a safe public space to meet that’s both quiet and private,” highlights Lisa Cole, Interim Executive Director of Turning Pages SC. “Meeting at their closest library just makes sense.”

Tamara King, Chief Equity and Engagement Officer at Richland Library said, “Literacy is the great equalizer and helps to foster growth and success in our community. Partnering with Turning Pages SC is an active step toward increasing vital access to education for Richland County residents of all ages and enhancing the quality of life for us all.”

This partnership opens doors for both the tutors and their adult learners. Of particular note is the provision of comfortable meeting spaces within all of Richland Library’s 13 locations, creating an ideal learning environment surrounded by a wealth of literary resources. Most notably, Turning Pages tutors can now schedule private room reservations without needing their own library cards, making tutoring sessions even more accessible to all participants.

“Library-based tutoring really helps our learners’ motivation levels,” said Cole. “Just last week a tutor sent in a picture of her 60-something-year-old learner holding their first library card.

Both were so proud.”

For more information visit TurningPagesSC.org. To explore the services and offerings of Richland Library, please visit RichlandLibrary.com.

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