Vote Yes on Penny Tax

The proposed Penny Tax that we will be voting on in November will be the best way to get our Lexington County roads repaired. I am recommending that everybody VOTE YES FOR
ROADS on November 8th. This 1% tax cannot last but a certain amount of time. It cannot be extended unless Lexington County citizens vote to extend it. South Carolina counties that have voted for this kind of tax have voted to renew it. It will not be added to the Gas Tax.

Remember, funds generated from this 1% sales and use tax can only be spent on roads in the manner as is shown on the ballot on November 8th. A copy of the ballot referendum can be found at:

I will be voting YES FOR ROADS, and I recommend that you do likewise on November 8th.

S. Lyman Whitehead
and Former Highway Commissioner
for the 2nd Congressional District

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