Lexington County GOP releases record of accomplishments held secret by previous Party Leadership

Stating that it is “about time Republicans across our state and county were made aware of the range of actions from our body,” the new leadership of the Lexington County Republican Party (LCRP) released the numerous actions the party has taken over the past two years. These actions were planned strategically and approved by the Real America First members of the LCRP.

The party’s new Chairwoman Pamela Godwin added “Despite opposition from the top, our executive committee body has passed an aggressive agenda which confirms and promotes the Republican Platform! We considered the newest issues we have faced in the current era and will continue to do so. We are excited to be open about everything our party has accomplished recently, and over the past year, since becoming majority voting members in the EC body and leadership. Praise God we were finally able to take care of business and we are going to continue to do so!”

The party shared a broad swath of accomplishments where they overrode the previous chairman in many circumstances, including censuring elected officials who didn’t vote as they promised to their constituents, and they also successfully passed resolutions opposing many tyrannical government policies. The list included:


-Declaring an end to the state executive COVID-19 emergency and requiring parameters on how long the governor can declare emergencies without legislative approval. Days later, Gov. McMaster ended the state of emergency. -April 2021

-Passed a resolution ending Critical Race Theory in South Carolina Schools. -May 2021

-Passed a resolution canceling fines and penalties for violating COVID-19 restrictions. -May 2021

-Passed a resolution protecting women’s sports in South Carolina from biological males. -May 2021

-Passed a resolution prohibiting transgender surgeries and puberty blockers for minors. -May 2021

-Censure of West Columbia Councilman Mike Green. -March 2022

-Censure and requested the resignation of Sen. Lindsey Graham. -July 2022

-Refusal to accept the election results of the 2020 general election. -July 2022

-Censure of the SC House Republican Caucus for requiring a signature requirement from the SC House Freedom Caucus. This requirement made Freedom Caucus members abandon their conservative values and kicked them out of the governing House Republican Caucus. -February 2023

-Passed a Health Care Freedom Resolution opposing vaccine mandates. -May 2023


Godwin said “The committed Real America First members in our party have been well ahead of the curve on so many issues. Some of these were passed by the State Republican Party, some were put into action by our government and some have been ignored or blocked. We will continue to share our record, encourage activism and encourage original thoughts to improve our local government and party across the board.

The LCRP meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce.

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