Your Vote Matters

The election on November 8th is very important. I realize most people concentrate on State and National levels, however, please know that your School Board races are just as important. Local election of school board members will impact your children most directly and your pocketbook most directly. We must demand accountability and transparency in order to ensure our children get every penny they need in the classroom.

I want to challenge you to read about all the candidates in District 5. Both Lexington and Richland Counties have 2 seats up for your vote. Be aware there is a huge amount of money being spent by candidates that are being supported by former board members. Let me tell you why I think that matters. These people want to tear down our district with false accusations, lawsuits that were unfounded, a State paper that is unfair and unbalanced, and a lawyer from the Nelson Mullins Law Firm that represents several different cases involving our great district.

Here are the facts. Larry Haltiwagner, Ellen Baumgartner, Michael Cates, Beth Hutchinson, and Robert Gantt were all former officers of the School Board. Over the last 3 election cycles, these people were all defeated at the polls except for Beth Hutchinson who chose not to run and Ed White who just quit.
A brand new group of officers took over. Except for me, this was an entirely new board. That is when I became chair.

It appears that the former board wants their power back but maybe just does not have the nerve to run again…Instead, they have found other people to run in hopes of still influencing our school district. I don’t know but maybe the procurement audit has concerned them and their reputation. Whatever the reason I am concerned about the motives therefore I can not support their candidates.

I support the return of all our current board members.

In Richland County please consider Nikki Gardner and Tifani Moore. They are both champions for children.

In Lexington County, we need the strong leadership of Ken Loveless

I see only 2 choices for my open seat, and they are Elizabeth Barnhart and Renard Green. They are not being supported by the defeated former board. That is good a good reason to choose one of them.

Your vote matters.
Jan Hammond
D-5 School Board Chair