Mirci Unites Services at New Central Location

Columbia, SC – The Mental Illness Recovery Center, Inc. (MIRCI), a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting individuals with severe mental illness and housing instability, has announced a major consolidation of its facilities. The organization has now centralized all its services at a new location, 2750 Laurel Street, marking a significant step forward in its mission to provide comprehensive support to the Columbia community.

The move is a milestone for MIRCI, which has long been committed to addressing the intertwined challenges of mental health and homelessness. By bringing all its resources under one roof, MIRCI aims to streamline operations and make it easier for those in need to access critical services.

“Operating in four different locations has been a challenge, and we’re thrilled to have the MIRCI family all under one roof,” said Julie Ann Avin, CEO of MIRCI. “This consolidation allows us to better serve our clients and ensure that they receive the support they need in a more efficient and accessible manner.”

The new facility on Laurel Street is now open for client visits and offers a broad range of programs designed to assist those experiencing homelessness and mental health issues. Services provided at the new location include:

  • Clinical Counseling and Psychiatric Services: Offering mental health support and treatment in a welcoming environment.
  • Case Management: Assisting individuals with personalized support plans to navigate their path to recovery.
  • Housing and Disability Assistance: Providing resources to help secure stable housing and manage disabilities.
  • Job Training and Employment Services: Supporting clients in developing skills and finding employment opportunities.

Julie Miller, Chief Clinical Officer at MIRCI, emphasized the positive impact of the new facility. “This new location allows us to provide behavioral health services in an inviting and therapeutic space,” Miller said. “We have always provided excellent clinical care, but our new space will enhance that experience for those we serve in our community. It is our hope that this space will provide comfort, hope, information, and inclusion both for the patients and service providers.”

To mark the occasion, MIRCI will host a grand opening event and facilities tour on June 27 at 5 p.m. The event is open to community partners and media representatives, providing an opportunity to explore the new facility and learn more about the organization’s expanded capabilities.

For more information about MIRCI and its services, visit mirci.org or contact [email protected].

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