New Partnership Gives Free Kids Books to Local Families to Boost SC Literacy

COLUMBIA, SC – In a heartfelt endeavor to promote reading and strengthen family bonds, local nonprofit Turning Pages SC has launched an exciting new initiative, “The Family Pages.” This program, a result of a fresh partnership with The Lisa Libraries in New York, aims to distribute free books to the children and grandchildren of adult learners enrolled in Turning Pages SC’s reading program in the Midlands.

For many families across South Carolina, books are a rarity, leading to a lack of bedtime stories and the joy of shared reading experiences. This is the reality for many of the adults currently enrolled in Turning Pages SC’s program. With “The Family Pages,” Turning Pages SC is determined to change this narrative.

The initiative kicks off when an adult enrolls in Turning Pages SC’s free reading program. During the enrollment process, adult learners are asked about their family members. Those with children or grandchildren at home will receive a bag filled with age-appropriate books, ranging from board books to leveled readers and early chapter books. This effort aims to foster family bonding through reading and provide children with the necessary tools to develop their literacy skills.

“I’m incredibly proud of our team for bringing this vision to life,” said Lisa Cole, Executive Director of Turning Pages SC. “We know that parents who struggle with reading often have children who face similar challenges in school. These homes typically lack books, either due to cost or simply not being a priority. The Family Pages addresses this by placing books directly into the hands of these families.”

The launch of “The Family Pages” is supported by The Lisa Libraries, a New York-based nonprofit established in 1990, which has donated over 500,000 books to grassroots organizations across the country. This partnership begins with an initial donation of nearly $2,500 worth of children’s books, marking the start of ongoing support for Turning Pages SC.

Literacy is a key foundation for educational success. According to the Nation’s Report Card (NAEP), only 34% of fourth graders in South Carolina read at grade level. This statistic highlights the importance of targeted literacy initiatives. Children who develop strong reading skills by fourth grade are more likely to continue their education and are less likely to face challenges such as incarceration or poverty.

By equipping parents with both the skills to read and the books to share with their children, Turning Pages SC aims to enhance literacy rates across South Carolina and inspire a lifelong love of reading in families, paving the way for brighter futures for the next generation.

For those interested in enrolling as a learner at Turning Pages SC, call 803-216-5663. Additionally, if you wish to volunteer as a reading tutor, visit

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