Letter to the Editor:

The Mueller “Report” is finally officially, mostly published.  The only few sentences missing are those that can only be released by a Federal Judge.  In fact, the real conclusion of the Mueller report was stated by Peter Strok  (then member of the Mueller team) almost two years ago when he stated that, “There was No There,  There”.  This was a simple conclusion that Andrew Wiseman (the real head of the Mueller Commission) could not find any cases of collusion or obstruction of Justice.  Yet, the Mueller team continued to flog the issue of Trump guilt, knowing full well that no guilt existed.

Next  followed the two U.S. House committee hearings held last Wednesday.  First in the morning was House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.  The hearing was held as follows:  One Democrat was allowed to talk/question for 5 minutes, followed by one Republican until all committee members had spoken/questioned.  The most significant question asked was ,”Mr. Mueller, did President Trump or any member of his organization ever, in any way, attempt to restrict or inhibit your investigation?  Mr. Mueller’s answer was NO!

The afternoon session was conducted by Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence committee. The same questioning format as was used in the morning session was applied.  The questions and answers in this session were largely related to the second half of the Mueller report.  During these questions, Mr. Mueller answered 19 times, “The answer to your question is beyond my perview”.   This answer really meant one of two things, I’m not familiar enough with the report to answer or I just refuse to acknowledge your question.

All of Dem obstreperous questions  were meant to cloud the purported objective of the Mueller Report itself.  A major Republican question was, “The Mueller Report stated that the report did not exonerate Mr. Trump.  However, the report also stated that there was insufficient evidence to charge President Trump with a crime.  In fact, a person can only be exonerated of a crime until AFTER they have been charged with and convicted of a specific crime.  When asked how Trump could be exonerated of a crime he’d never committed, Mr. Mueller’s answer was, “That question was beyond my perview”.

At the end of the meeting, it was very obvious that the total Mueller report, after spending between $25 to $40 million dollars had discovered nothing of a criminal nature against any Trump official.  Yet, Nadler and Schiff are starting the witch hunt all over again.  The only hope is to drag this issue through the 2020 election , which they can’t hope to win with these kinds of lies.

Don Carlson


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