Lexington One board forgives two weather days

During its November 13 meeting, the Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees voted to forgive two of the five school days students and staff missed due to severe weather in this academic year.

Students missed four school days September 11 – 14 by order of Governor Henry McMaster due to Hurricane Florence and another school day October 11, due to Hurricane Michael.

By law districts are required to include at least three severe weather makeup days in each year’s academic school calendar. Since the same law also requires districts to use those days first,
Lexington District One will make up three of the days by using the three days already designated as severe weather makeup days — February 18, March 15 and April 22.

The board voted to forgive the two days that administrators proposed as makeup days — June 6 and 7, 2019. The board also reminded attendees that should the district get further weather-related closings, the board would have little choice but to make them up.

School Boards can only forgive a total of three days and only after a district makes up three severe weather days.

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