by George Bryan

Golf is to slow

Before recognizing our local SCJGA All Stars, there are a couple of topics to address.
First, there’s a lot of hoopla about pace of play after the first Fedex PGA Tour playoff event in which local Dustin Johnson was leading after the first 36 holes. One player grumbled about another but beware, some of the PGA tour players may be playing the media because the rules officials are the ones truly in charge of pace of play. No sense in calling out individual players because guess who is responsible for the rule’s officials. Guess who or what entity really rules the PGA Tour and all professional sport entities?

When the game gets faster more people will play and prayerfully the PGA tour leads the way in making golf a faster game.

Speaking of pace of play, a new entity called Grow Golf Now is introducing a brand-new program this fall that is all about time. First, the new program is new and young families spending time together in the recreational setting of golf. The program is designed for golf to be in a time module that is appealing appropriate from a introductory and developmental standpoint. It’s “Mom and Grands friendly” and Dad’s will enjoy too because it serves as a runway to regulation size golf courses and time capsules. 

Here is a fact based on my experience, most young players and young families cannot get started in golf because the first step in time commitment is just too large. Three to four total hours for nine holes is just too big a step to start with. Young Families will not in invest and those that do try, do not get a reasonable fun return on their investment. Golf is just not set up for new young families. Yet. 

This Grow Golf Now experience will be conducted on a specifically designed, age and skill level appropriate course.  

There are developmental benefits for all skill levels, from new to experienced, on the new Challenger Course. Eighteen holes can be played, walking, in under an hour. 

This test program is being constructed for local recreation entities to offer golf as it does soccer baseball basketball and more. To further review, visit 

The SCJGA Tri-County all star team will participate at the patriot at ground Harbor this weekend. The ticket price is right so those interested in checking out tomorrow’s superstars should visit this beautiful golf course and watch children play. The majority of the people reading would be stunned to know just how young at heart the greatest players in the game. Dustin Johnson and my son Wesley Bryan, Along with many others through the years, have gotten their competitive entry start in the Tri- County Chapter so visit for specifics. The All Star team consist of kids from around the midlands. In the Boys 7-9 Trust Winters (Witmire) and Gavin Gaskins (Leesville). Boys 10-12 Gage Gaskins (Leesville) and Harrison James (Chapin) Boys 13-14 Ashton Eubanks (Lexington) and Chase Cline (Chapin) Boys 15-18 Jack Brady (Irmo) and Blaine Willimas (Chapin) Girls 10-12 Mia Andrade (Chapin) Girls 13-18 Emily Baker (Chapin) and Emily Anne Beiers (Lexington)

In closing, it’s quite humbling for so many people to ask about Wesley Bryan‘s progress after January shoulder surgery. Here is an update, last week he  shot 61 at the Country Club of Lexington but lost by a shot to his brother in law, William Rainey. 

Girls high school golf season kicks off in a couple weeks so stay tuned for program features and highlights.

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